Literacy Narrative Essay: The Importance Of Reading

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Literacy Narrative Essay
Learning to look at a page of characters and putting them together to create a story or information in your mind is natural human event in the brain. It comes naturally to most people and is easily developed in adolescent years. For me it was different, reading just didn 't make sense to me so I struggled on every step along the way on becoming a proficient reader. The first struggle began at the beginning of my reading career, learning the alphabet was extremely difficult for me and it took me way longer to understand the reason for learning the alphabet over other kids in my class. Imagine not being able to understand the core concept of reading when everyone around you fully knows and understands. You begin to
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Some kids don 't have money to learn at the same level and have the opportunity to achieve educational bliss. These are important things to notice, but as a 5 year old kid you don 't understand the differences in culture and money. So at the time it seemed like I was alone in the fight to gain an education the same as my peers. As i progressed through school from kindergarten to first grade, from first grade to second grade. I lost trust in myself and my teachers, and I became less motivated to learn and achieve. This change was a major turning point in my early educational career, this is when a 7 year old version of me decided that the world was against him and no matter how much effort I put forth I would be unable to achieve my goals at the same level as my peers. I started to think about the point of trying, so I stopped trying to learn and achieve in reading. My second grade year of elementary school was a difficult year for my educational achievement. I started to talk back to the teacher, not express interest in school topics, and essentially gave up on achieving educational bliss. My teacher at the time told me over and over again that with this behavior i 'll never achieve anything, that I would be worthless. I was separated from the students in the classroom put in my own desk in the back of the room. I was considered a threat to others learning, mainly because I was so disruptive, but part of me thought that maybe the teacher thought I was down the wrong path so much that I created a whirlpool around me that brought people down the path with

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