Analyzing Collecting Data By The American Marketing Association

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For this interview I Googled for different articles about preparing for in-depth interviews. I came across this particular article that caught my attention. I chose this article because it gave me more information about preparing myself for the interview. This article titled Collecting data by in-depth interviewing by Rita Barry, Ms. Barry said in-depth interview is a type of interview that researchers use to collect information, so we can attain a better understanding of the interviewee’s point of view. This article did give me more information so I could better prepare myself to do the interview by suggesting a few pointers of what to do and what not to do. As far as the questionnaire techniques it states I should ask clear, single, open-ended questions and to avoid sensitive questions (Berry, 1999). I went to youtube and searched for videos that can help me better prepare for the interview. I found a video titled In-depth interview guide by the American Marketing Association. This video guided me through 4 different steps the first step is to create a plan, select an interviewer and a sample, building the guide an outline, close out the interview properly by gathering and analyzing the data to create a report. This video helped me to create a good structure for conducting an effective interview (American Marketing Association, 2015).
With the article and video that I reviewed, I felt very confident that I was prepared to do the interview. The person I decided to…

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