Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Throughout my journey of English 111 and English 112, I have learned so much and mastered several concepts. Throughout this course, I have definitely grown as a writer. In English 111 we worked on the following essays: Narrative, Expository, and Persuasive. In English 112 we worked on the following papers: Summary and Response, Argumentative, Literary Analysis, and the Multigenre paper. In English 112 we also received a book called They Say, I Say, in which there were several passages using templates to help with our Argumentative Paper. I must say, I really enjoyed this book and it really did help to form the basis of my Argumentative Paper. We also read the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare for which we wrote a Literary Analysis Paper. Reading the play in class was fun and helped me understand Shakespeare’s words as we did a seminar and paper.
Looking back at all my work that I have done for DE English, I must say that I am pretty satisfied. My intention of writing my essays was to effectively learn writing skills and excel in my writing process and have a good overall paper to submit. My goals for writing were to firstly, make sure that I was satisfied with my own writing. Also, I wanted to make sure that I was using my grammar effectively and had all the correct materials needed in my writing. I believed that I am achieving my goals and intentions to an extent. I achieved my goals because once I submitted my papers to Smarthinking, I knew they would help me improve my…

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