Analysis Of Wells Fargo 's Commercial Titled ' Learning Sign Language

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Commercials on TV are made with the intent of grabbing the audience’s attention and focusing our attention to the product. Within a matter of seconds, the audience is engrossed and interest in the product. Commercials can draw our attention with bright moving pictures, upbeat music, or relatable mediums. In Wells Fargo’s commercial titled “Learning Sign Language,” two moms-to-be are practicing sign language throughout their daily lives. On the train, in a class, at home, and practically anywhere else, the women are preparing. The commercial ends with the moms being introduced to their newly adopted deaf daughter. Immediately the sparks fly when the three begin signing to one another and engage in a lively conversation. The commonplace that everyone is deserving of love and happiness, despite gender, sexuality, physical capabilities, and so on, is expressed clearly in this welcoming commercial by Wells Fargo.
Wells Fargo explicitly expresses that aside from being beneficial bank, it values diversity and inclusion, ethics, leadership, and what is right for the customers. The company wants to earn its customers trust by behaving in a certain fashion. This is displayed by the company because instead of constantly having people of the same demographic in all of their commercials, they include diverse groups to show that Wells Fargo is for all not for one.
The underlying message of this commercial is that Wells Fargo is welcoming to all. This is regardless of sexual…

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