My Reflection Of The American Sign Language

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Throughout this semester it was required to learn another language and I had chosen American Sign Language, also known as, ASL. It was incredibly frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. I learned and relearned a lot, not only about the actual language but what it takes and the process of learning another language, and about myself. I did not do anything related to American Sign Language over spring break. That was my biggest mistake, I had forgotten so much, and needed a refresher course in things that I have been learning since, this class had begin. I had regressed significantly. We had to even go over the alphabet a couple times, as I struggled to remember. It was slightly embarrassing, although my language partner assured me that was normal, when just beginning to learn a language. I could only imagine, what it would be like to ELL that only learn the language during school. What happens when they go home for the summer, and …show more content…
It was a struggle to remember the alphabet because my brain was having to build all new bridges to help me understand and grasp ASL. I was lucky that my partner was patient as I failed signing many words a few times before I got it. As a few teacher I hope to remember that patience and my own frustration when I could not get it. I hope to use those memories to remind me to be patient of my students and that they most likely get just as frustrated as I may when teaching. Learning a new language is not a quick and easy process, it is slow and painful and rewarding. Also, while trying the vocabulary technique and immersion technique, I feel that the immersion technique is more effective, and that it makes it easier to remember because it puts the words into random context. I can not wait to keep learning as I attempt to teach myself American Sign Language from here on

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