Analysis Of The Movie ' The Musical ' Essay

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In Heathers The Musical, adapted from the movie Heaters by playwrights, composers, and lyricists Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe, recently put on at Texas Tech, the main character, Veronica Sawyer finally gets what she wants in high school in that she gets noticed by the girls looked up at as gods to the school. However, she soon realizes that isn’t exactly what she had wanted, and when her new love interest steps in to help, all seems to go towards the worst, involving multiple murders, and a gruesome suicide. I think the true intent of creating this story was to show the horrible effects of bullying, and especially the effects it causes with teenagers. While adapting it to be a musical brings many new additions, such as comedy, the true meaning of the show stays true to the original. Now while I really enjoy the story, the performance I was present at on October 14 was both enjoyable, but also incredibly shocking. For example, one element I seemed to enjoy the most, was the technical aspects. Though there were some major mishaps that unfolded during this performance did bring a break to the illusion, such as the fog machine setting off the fire alarm, multiple gunshots being played at the wrong time, and the end of act one sound cues being played prematurely, the overall tech aspect was very pleasing. I thought the space that was available was put to good use, and the placement of the set was well put. The actors had plenty of room to move and make their choices, and…

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