Demonstrate Basic Knowledge Essay

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Standard 1: The Teacher Demonstrates Applied Content Knowledge
The first way to meet this standard is with an assessment of individual lesson progress. The assessments can show that students are learning the proper concepts, processes, and knowledge that is being conveyed for each lesson. This makes sure that any misconceptions can be addressed before moving to the next section. The second way is with lesson plans. These can be designed to communicate appropriate knowledge, concepts, and processes, and connect the content to life experiences that will contribute to student learning. If planned correctly these lessons can also help students understand the content from various perspectives. The last way is with feedback written on assignments. Depending on what is written this can help students address misconceptions about the content, and understand it from various perspectives.
Standard 2: The Teacher Designs and Plans Instructions
The first way to meet this standard is through
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Students being able to always know what’s expected establishes a positive and safe learning environment and can lead to the creation of mutual respect among all involved. The second way is through the classroom arrangement/seating. This can maintain a positive and safe learning environment, and address individual needs such as needing to sit at the front of the room, or away from another classmate. It can also develop and maintain a mutual respect among everyone in the classroom by making sure the students are comfortable, and the teacher doesn’t have to deal with possible disruptions. The last way is with class/group rewards depending on what the activity. Offering things like candy, or a free homework pass can keep students motivated to participate. They are more likely to take expectations into consideration, and it maintains a positive learning

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