Analysis Of Social Networking Web Sites And Crimes Essay

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Analysis of “Social Networking Web Sites and Crimes” “Social Networking Web Sites and Crimes” written by Shulamit Shvartsman is posted in Criminal Law Process for This article is claiming that social media crimes are becoming a serious issue, specifically, Shvartsman expressed that cyber bullying and emotional distress are two main crimes among teenage students. The social network service is created to build online communities. It helps people share information easily, however, it can be dangerous either. “People can create fake profiles”, and some of them can become crimes (Shvartsman). This article is a reliable journal, because the author, Shvartsman, is a lawyer who works in New York, moreover, this article was published on and the evidence is strongly supporting the thesis. This source can be considered reliable because the author is a lawyer and the publisher is the website of the law office. According to “Social Networking Web Sites and Crimes”, the author, Shulamit Shvartsman, is a lawyer who graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law J.D. Additionally, this source is about social media crimes, so it is in Shvartsman’s field. According to Weida and Stolley, if the source written by an author who is respected in his field of study, the source is credible (Weida and Stolley). In addition, the publisher of this source is Lawyers.Com, the website of a law office. People trust this website because has comprehensive…

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