Analysis Of Should Everyone Go To College

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In their article Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill explain and compare all factors about going to college and whether people will be successful or not. The common theme throughout the article was how college is a good idea and provides a lot more benefits than getting a job with just a high school graduation certificate. The main factor in the advantages is that the overall money which people will be earning is a lot more if people have a degree. Also a person will be able to go down the route they want too in terms of their occupation as they will be more qualified than others who are trying for the same jobs. I have chosen to analyze an essay called “Should Everyone Go to College?”.
This following paper is going to describe the different
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The contract was between going to college or not going to college, and this made the text very interesting as the reader can view both sides of the story and will develop a much greater understanding on the topic as a whole. “The cost of college matters as well: the more someone has to pay to attend, the lower the net benefit of attending.” (Owen, Sawhill, 2013). There were lots of examples on each side of the argument, for example going to college gives you a good degree which can be used later on once you have graduated to earn a job in your specific field which will be high paying and is something that you will have good subject knowledge on, and you also learn lots of detailed knowledge within a specific field because you need to choose a major. Another advantage which had been talked about was the fact you also develop as a person and gain skills like communication and risk-taking as you are put in some new environments which you have never been in before. These are all examples of advantages of going to college which was talked about, but the contrast to this is the disadvantages which the writer talked about. “Research suggests that additional education improves overall wellbeing by affecting things like job satisfaction, health, marriage, parenting, trust, and social interaction.” (Owen, Sawhill, 2013) For example, …show more content…
These are the contrasts which I identified from the text as they are the complete opposites of what the writer had written previously regarding

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