Analysis Of Naomi Klein 's ' Threats And Temps ' Essay

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Naomi Klein’s 1999 No Logo book not only explores but also challenges the impact globalized brands and companies have had on culture. Under the chapter titled “Threats and Temps” (10) she illustrates her point in the specific area of jobs and what they represent. When we enter the final part of the book, this including chapter 16, Klein describes what is known as “Culture Jamming” where advertising is now used as a tool to convey political messages against either corporations or society itself. In this essay I will develop on to the main arguments Naomi Klein raises in No Logo and furthermore expand by adding my own view on the topic at hand with personal data.

One of the main ideas we seen in “Threats and Temps” is the phenomenon known as “McJobs”, which she describes as a pre-requisite job for college students before they move on to their real and better jobs in life. In this, she debunks the idea that it is only for the young generations in midst studies as she shows how almost half of the people that work in fast-food or food related services are over the age of 25 years old. In order to back up her argument here she cites a study that found out “25 per cent of non-management Canadian retail workers had been with the same company for eleven years or more”(Klein, 233). Retail workers enter into the whole McJobs idea because it still is seen by society as a transitional job rather than a final job. Klein then goes on to relating this trend phenomenon in society stating…

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