First Semester Of College Research Paper

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“Wow. That semester of college came as a shock.” This is what I thought at the end of my first semester of college. “I was not prepared at all and it ended up being one of my worst semesters of school.” There was no turning back; it was over with. Gone. I had no chance at going back and redoing what had happened. The only thing to do was to learn from the mistakes and move on; improve for the next semesters to come. The first semester, is a big wake-up call, it changes students in many ways; by throwing them into real life, waking them up a bit, then teaching them several “do not’s” of reality, and when it’s all said and done, the students look back and realize that high school didn’t prepare them like the teachers said it did. The first …show more content…
It will prepare you for your future in college.” This is what every teacher in high school says the first few weeks of school. But as the year goes on all the classes become a joke because the teachers become too lenient with their students. All through high school, teachers tell the students that they need to pay attention to what is going on around them and in classes. They said that if they did that the students would be prepared for college. But unfortunately, that is not exactly true. High school doesn’t prepare students the way it should. Most college freshmen follow the college “how to’s” to get a sense of what the first year will be like. I interviewed a fourth year college student, and I asked, “Did high school prepare you for college? If so how?” Her response was, “In some ways it did, and others not so much. Academically they did a great job, I didn’t feel behind. But they didn’t prepare me for the emotional stress.” That’s how most college students feel their first year. The emotional and mental state are a big key to success. If students don’t know how to manage their stress they can’t be successful in school. High school doesn 't teach students how to manage their stress when they get overwhelmed with homework and classes because the teachers became soft on the students and didn’t follow through with what they said, for instance, some teachers say they won’t take late work, but students learn that there is always a way to slide by that rule. . In high school the teachers are so lenient and forgiving, so when students get to college they expect the same from their college professors, and that is not the case. You would think that the higher the grade in highschool you go the more it would be like college; the difficulty level would rise. That would be the best way to prepare students for real life college. I wish when I was in high school, my senior year, the teachers would have pushed me

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