Analysis Of ' Let 's Go ' Essay

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This past weekend my mother and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour event in Houston at the Reinvention Center. The overall experience caused me to realize that dancing takes an abundance of endurance and the ability to keep a straight face during intense environmental circumstances. Dance has the ability to evoke a multitude of feelings for people, but only a few make lifelong impressions due to our past experiences and our ties to certain expressions of emotions. One of the performances done by Virgil and Neptune caused me to realize that no matter how many times someone sees a certain routine the dance can still cause an audience to feel a whirlwind of emotions again. For this street dance involves flips and jumps that seem to appear out of thin air and music that just gives a rush of adrenaline. The featured song of “Let’s Go” by Trick Daddy alone alludes to the fact that people should get up and do something or to go somewhere. The hip hop moves involving a number of jumps and floor work could resembles the moves that men would use to illustrate who had more strength. The idea of the test of strength relates to the street clothing that they were wearing which may elicit to my belief that the dance followed the story of a street fight. The difference from seeing this performance on stage rather than on my television also increased my adrenaline levels, due to the fact that I could feel the rumbles of the bass in my body and felt the hype of those around me.…

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