Dance In Concert: Suite Female Outcome X-Z

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The 2016 Fall CSULB Dance in concert took place at the Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater on November 17, 2016, at eight o’clock. It was a collection of different dance pieces. The following dance pieces: Suite Female Outcome X-Z, #followme, and Love Letter effects consisted of telling a story. This effect was delivered by using space, compositional tools, movement, and production elements.
The opening dance piece Suite Female Outcome X-Z utilized background, costumes, dancer’s movements, music, and lighting to tell a story about a deer who is trapped to symbolize how society traps women. In the beginning of the dance piece, the audience grabs a glimpse of the story when the background of the dance piece displays a short film. The short film
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The dance piece primarily focuses on utilizing dancer’s movements, background, and choreographic structures to share a story about social media and friends. Throughout the dance piece, a slideshow is portrayed in the background of the dance piece, displaying a variety of images such as selfies, a number of followers a person has, phrases, text messages and more. This slideshow is utilized as a production element which serves as a background for the dance, to emphasize the main theme of the dance piece which concentrates on social media. Five dancers are used to share the story through their movements and choreographic strategies. In the dance piece the movement motif that the female dancers perform is walking as if they were posing; taking long elegant and heavy strides with a stoic and/or flattered demeanor. Movements such as these are similar to the idea of having a picture taken and then uploaded to social media. In addition, choreographic structures such as dancing in unison are seen in the dance piece. For instance, four dancers perform the same movements at the same time while one female dancer is off to downstage right using space indirectly as she twirls slowly and falls to the floor. The movements of the solo dancer are impotent while the group of dancer’s movements are vigorous and energetic. The difference of movements and the choreographic structure help share the story that the solo …show more content…
However, each dance piece utilized different tools and elements to tell a story. For instance, Suite Female Outcome X-Z told a story about a deer who is trapped to symbolize how society traps women. Also, #followme shared a story about social media and friends. Lastly, Love Letter told a story about the teenage relationships in the 1950’s. These three dance pieces utilized production elements, compositional tools, and choreographic structures to develop and create an effect of the dance piece. For instance, all three dance pieces employed dancer’s movements and a movement motif to carry out the story. The dancers created a variety of different movements but created similar movements when they incorporated high levels of spacer and linear shapes. On the other hand, unlike Love Letter, Suite Female Outcome X-Z and #followme applied a background to their dance piece where they displayed a short film or a slideshow. Music was also another element that only Suite Female Outcome X-Z and Love Letter made use of in order to establish the mood for the dance piece. However, Love Letter used actual singers to perform the music live. Also, these two dance pieces used lighting to create the mood of the dance piece. Suite Female Outcome X-Z used a dark lighting while Love Letter used a variety of light colors. Lastly, unlike #followme, Suite Female Outcome X-Z

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