Analysis Of ' Kissing Doesn 't Kill ' Greed And Indifference Do

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A piece of artwork that is able to help elucidate some of these questions is a poster art from Gran Fury’s AIDS awareness work in 1989 titled Kissing Doesn’t Kill: Greed and Indifference Do. In addition to being very controversial, like “Nobility of Blood,” Fury’s piece also directly addresses AIDS and some issues surrounding the disease. As one can deduce from the straightforward title of the artwork, this piece is meant to teach a simple lesson: kissing does not cause death from AIDS. Pictured in this poster art are three kissing couples: a heterosexual couple on the left, a lesbian couple on the right, and a gay couple in the middle. All three couples are racially diverse as well. The high level of diversity among the six people pictured in the poster art highlights the extent and all-encompassing nature of the disease. Furthermore, this high level of diversity was controversial at the time of its display to the public. The general public was still not comfortable with the idea of non-heterosexuality, much less public displays of affection between non-heterosexual couples. Nevertheless, Gran Fury purposefully highlighted the most controversial aspects of the artwork through her use of color patterning and object placement. The gay couple is in the middle of the poster art, making it a natural focal point for the viewer. In addition, the color scheme and patterning of the gay couple’s clothes differs greatly from the other two couples sandwiching the gay couple: black and…

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