Personal Narrative Analysis: Why People Die In Car Accidents

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Ashley Barger English 1101 Project 1 final draft July 10, 2017
Approximately 35,000 people die in car accidents a year and nearly 10,300 of those fatalities are due to drunk driving. It is unfortunate that for most people to realize this they must witness something terrible or experience the loss of someone important to them. It’s insane to think how one small decision can change the lives of so many people. The decisions you make effect everyone no matter how minor they seem in the moment.
My friends and I had eleven days practically on our own in California. Eleven days of freedom away from home. Our parents were worried about us and told us not to talk to strangers or go off with anyone we met along the way. Three teenagers on their own in California for eleven days, something was bound to go wrong. By day two we had already met three guys on the beach who invited us to drive up to Mt. Soledad with them which is a mountain in San Diego where you can see the whole city (we never actually made it there that night). We all wanted to go and made the group decision to sneak out
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It’s awful to think that everyone including myself is so selfish that they are unable to see how bad drunk driving actually is until they have an encounter with it. I hate that people have to learn from their own mistakes and can’t take other people’s advice. We’re such a selfish species to have to experience everything for ourselves. I have a whole new perspective on life because of what I witnessed that night. Although, I can’t convince everyone not to drunk drive or take life for granted. I can tell them this story in hopes to convince them that their decisions affect so many more people than just themselves. Life can end in an instant so it is important that we make smart decisions and enjoy the moments that we are lucky enough to

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