Deviance Examples

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Our book states that deviance is the violation of norms, rules, or expectations. Some of the ones that I am familiar with is speeding, breaking of the gender barrier, not partaking all of your roles in life. There are many other deviances that I can think of hearing about, seeing, or being a part of. Howard S. Becker said “it is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that make something deviant”. This important because just breaking a norm is not the only important factor but how others will react to it too. Speeding is a deviance that take place every day all over the world, and is looked at differently in the different places. Like here in the US how much are you speeding at is the major factor in how someone will react to it, …show more content…
Sadly there are many stereotypes when it comes to if you are female or male, and when you break these stereotypes and the norms that tend to go along with them people do not normally react well with it. One of the most recent things I have seen all over Facebook is a mother let her son pick out a new pair of shoes for the first day of school and posted a picture about it, they were pink shoes with stripes. Family and friends bashed on the mother for letting her son pick them and wear them to school, told her how badly he would get treated. But it was not true, the little boy actually got compliments from classmates for his shoes, this just shows how norms are more important to adults and things get all turned around when you pick not to follow the norm. This boy did not wear them because they were pink, he did not turn away from them either just because of the color, he picked them because they were zebra shoes. Deviance does not have to be a bad thing, it can be good and change your look at something if you give it time and do not judge right away. This one is hard to put into a category, the boy was not trying to break the norms he just happened to because he liked the shoes, it is everyone’s reaction to what he was wearing that it the key factor. I would put it under sociological explanations, because it outside factors that he broke the norms, I am sure if he saw the shoes in black and white instead of the pink and white he would have gotten them. He picked because they reminded him of an animal he

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