Analysis Of Gilead Hiv Advertisement On The Times Magazine Of 7 March 2016

1017 Words Mar 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Gilead HIV advertisement in the Times magazine of 7 March 2016, displays a young and attractive male who is dressed in causal clothing who seems to be catching a bus, or some kind of public transportation. It shows the background completely blurred to contrast against the man, as the main focus of the photo. There is writing over his torso area, the first line reads “We Focus On HIV” is in red writing, then the second line “To Help You Focus ON” in a regular white writing. The Third line “TODAY” written in bold, is emphasizing on the word today. The last line “Ask a doctor if a medicine made by Gilead is right for you?” is in smaller text than the others. There is also a box frame all around the advertisement and a small opening where the website is to get more information. At first glance HIV does not seem to be the main focus of the advertisement, due to the blurred background the attractive gentleman is. Who seems to be an average everyday casual guy, and is just like everybody else; he rides the bus and dresses casually. HIV advertisements typically have an upset person, a horrifying statistic, or a terrifying needle to scare you into being safer, however this advertisement is showing you a pleasing eye candy photo with little to no upsetting image, to some. The Gilead HIV advertisement in the Times magazine, tries something different then the average HIV advertisement, to send a message to the younger generation, to stop and observe the issues and harm of HIV;…

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