Analysis Of Coca Cola 's ' Open Happiness ' Essay

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Coca Cola has been around and has done many different things in order to get their product well known. In 2009, Coca Cola introduced “Open Happiness”, which was used to try to sell the beverage by giving “an invitation to billions around the world to pause, refresh with a Coca-Cola, and continue to enjoy one of the life’s simple pleasures” (Coca Cola History). The Coca Cola ad uses ethos and pathos to persuade buyers of all ages that opening a bottle of Coke will bring them happiness. Coca Cola’s “Open Happiness” is divided into two different parts. The bottom half which is a white background with the red Coca Cola bottle in the center and the red caption “Open Happiness” underneath the bottle. The top half explodes a bright and colorful collage of cartoons and people. The ad use bright colors such as red, yellow, white, orange, and purple. The people and cartoon figures in this collage are either smiling or laughing. Regardless if the people are alone or in a group, they all have a toothy smile and look happy. Random colorful designs are incorporated in the collage. There are also tiny brown Coca Cola bottles hidden throughout the advertisements that blend in with the colors and figures in the advertisement. The name Coca Cola is known all around the world. Their name is what makes them credible because they have been around since 1886 (Coca Cola History). By the 1920’s and 1930’s, the chairman of the board, Robert W. Woodruff, pushed to have operations outside of…

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