Analysis Of Classic City Cotton 's Growth Strategy Essay

1244 Words Sep 1st, 2015 null Page
Before conducting business, they would meticulously research the partner to familiarize themselves with the company, understand what benefits each side could provide, and how to properly appeal to the partner. Being a smaller company, having detailed procedures and accurate records is important, and I believe they successfully do so.
Additionally, Classic City Cotton’s growth strategy is unique, but successful, and impressed me. After talking to many retail store owners, I realized how often they are contacted by start-up clothing companies and how little interest they have in replying to these companies. Rather than mass emailing pricing sheets and order forms to retailers, Classic City Cotton takes time to research prospective retailers to ensure they are fit for the brand and then makes a direct phone call. However, not all of the research is done by the company. Because of their success with social media marketing and engaging their customers, many store recommendations are given by social media followers. These tactics are more efficient; rather than putting in more work, they allow their customers and current retail partners to help spread the word and allow the management to spend most of their energy on closing sales. Working with Classic City Cotton gave me a newfound respect for local businesses and allowed me to internally analyze the way a company conducts business. They are analytically focused and make deliberated decisions. I saw how important it was to…

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