An Organization 's Workplace Culture Affecting The Working Environment

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Both articles utilise empirical concepts about an organisation’s workplace culture affecting the working environment. According to Laird 2015, generation Y (Gen Y) employees may not stay in their jobs if they don’t get the desired entitlement and also it compares the effect on psychological entitlement and job satisfaction (JS). This paper argues that, entitled employees are much job satisfied when the accountability is higher. On the contrary, the Gen Y entitled employees are also job satisfied when there is a lower tenure.

In the second article, Helm 2013 stated that the employee perception of external reputation(ER) is strongly related to JS and their turn over intentions (TOI). This paper also argues that outsider’s views of the organisation are closely related to employees pride as well as the JS. And also the pride and JS influence the relationship between external reputation (ER) and turnover intentions(TOI).

Relationship to Literature:

The first article provided an ample information on Gen Y employees and related attitudes and cited a range of credible references in the field. The self importance and self centerness of Gen Y was highlighted (Holt 2012) and that employees respond differently (Cavanaugh et al., 2000) especially when the accountability is a known work place stressor (Lanivich et al., 2010). Employees feel entitled and fulfil their expectations by viewing accountability (Naumann et al., 2002). Therefore, an organisation has…

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