The Impact Of Work Environments On Mental Health Essay

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Increasingly mental health issues are being raised in the workplace. Job stresses are being recognised as affecting the overall wellbeing of the registered nurse, which in turn affects the quality of care given to patients. This paper is going to critically discuss the impact of work environments on mental health, and the elements in the workplace that affect staff. This paper will also examine the early warning signs of poor mental health and risk factors that can lead to poor mental health. Specifically this paper will focus on bullying in the workplace and shift work. It will also critically discuss the implementation of staff education and mindfulness strategies implemented in the workplace to improve mental health promotion in the nursing workplace.

Workplaces play a significant part in the mental health and wellbeing of staff. A healthy work environment supports workers physically, psychologically and environmentally. According to Harvey et al. (2014) employers that create healthy work environments see numerous benefits in the work performance of their staff. Shirey (2006) explains the dimensions of healthy work environments. It is essential that members of staff are treated fairly, respectfully and are valued. In a healthy work environment, it is also crucial that there be a strong sense of trust amongst all employees within the organisation. The organisation should endeavour to empowers workers to be effective decision makers and provide the recourse to enable…

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