An Essay About My Faith

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When asked, what obstacles do you think would hinder you from persisting in obtaining your degree? Participant one, Anna, expressed, “I was on a tight schedule trying to get my grandkids off to school and then run to school myself. In the evenings, I had to get home to prepare their meals, make sure my grandchildren were doing their homework, and then do my homework”. What does it mean to you to persist in your education in spite of the obstacle. Anna, stated, “It is very important to me to persist and go back to college because, without an education, I am stuck in a negative place. I feel like a hamster running around a wheel. That is why it is so important for me to get out of this circle. What would help you or have helped you sustain your persistence. I must say that my faith in God is the only thing I can think of, and I have a goal and in that goal is what I am trying to reach. My faith in god is what will help me take each step to get out of this circle.” What do you feel are obstacles that would prevent you from obtaining a higher education? Anna felt that “Overall the only thing I can see is the lack of finances and scholarships. It is hard to focus when your finances are not where they should be. Financially, it is expensive for single parents paying out-of-pocket for books and accessories they need. When ask, how socially involved were you on campus? Anna, stated, “I did not have time to be socially involved on campus because I had…

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