An Average Rainy Morning Essay

1009 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Today is an average rainy morning. I 'm driving to school in Shelby a 1998 Nissan Altima. It 's a miracle this car still functions properly. The exterior and interior of the car are a complete and utter mess. My mom crashed the car once so a car that was originally gray now has a black bumper, it also has a shattered windshield, rusty windshield wipers, and for some odd reason three plastic rims are missing from the car. Now the interior of the car is quite similar to the exterior with dirty jackets, socks, fast food trash, and old rotting food: you can only imagine the unpleasant smells. The motor is still alive and running even though at every stop I make I hear this odd rattling sound that I imagine is just some old nut or bolt that 's not tighten. As fucked up as this car is I love it because it holds priceless memories and wonderful maybe even chaotic moments with my friends.

I pull up to my parking spot behind a building where I can hide my car as it doesn 't have a parking pass. I turn the car off and make my way toward the school, and just as i 'm about to step into the cafeteria I see my friend Patrick. Patrick is an average sized guy but his puffy hair is deceiving making him look taller than he actually is. Patrick is a geeky fellow not only because he wears glasses but, because he tends to play yugioh and he does things like say “lol” instead of laughing. Some people actually find him cool, but I think that 's just because of his Longboard and nice hair. This…

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