Essay on An Ageing Public Transportation System

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With the combination of an ageing public transportation system, ever-increasing fuel costs, and growing public environmental awareness, it is time to think about the future of the current bus fleet. Updating the fleet with alternative fuel technology is a popular and cost-effective initiative.

Background: The American transportation system is suffering from major problems. Thirty-six percent of The United States major highways face a serious congestion problem. With the number of vehicles on the road expected to grow steadily with the population, the secondary effects of that increased volume are mounting. The buildup of humans and activities in an urban environment can lead to unfavorable economic, environmental, and social impacts. Some of the biggest problems are atmospheric pollution, traffic congestion, and decreased productivity that creates economic impacts. One-third of drivers in American cities, lose more than forty hours stalled in traffic throughout the year. That wasted time is so great that it affects the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That high volume of traffic also has impact on the environment.
Transportation is responsible for one third of total U.S. carbon dioxide emissions with cars and light trucks accounting for over half of that sum. Reducing emissions from transportation, and motor vehicles, should be a vital part of any sustainable energy law or policy. As a governing body it is important to take a leadership role in the transition to…

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