Natural Gas Fracking Summary

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Academic Analysis: “Natural Gas Fracking Addresses All of Our Major Problems”
In his essay, “Natural Gas Fracking Addresses All of our Major Problems,” Richard Pierce argues that drilling for natural gas by using horizontal drilling and fracturing of shale formations will solve many of our nation’s issues. He cites that our abundant supply of natural gas has the ability to improve our economy, the environment, and geopolitical conditions as well provide a constant, dependable, global energy supply for at least a century. He backs these claims by listing examples of recently discovered natural gas basins in the United States and abroad and by showing that the current gas supply has already put downward pressure on oil prices. The result
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The piece was written four years ago. When researching articles describing the pros and cons of fracking, most of the articles and websites are written before that time period. It is possible that Pierce is reacting to the negative perceptions that he sees in the media. Another possibility is that he is reacting to the global problems that he describes in his introduction. His description of the economic, environmental and geopolitical issues that he observes are definitely …show more content…
Pierce’s framing of the argument, choice of words, use of logos, and focus on the positive aspects of natural gas are meant to persuade the reader to embrace the idea of fracking. He believes that fracking can solve many of the problems facing the world today. His article provides an example of why the reader must carefully consider the motivations of a writer and why it is important for the writer to include counterarguments when writing a persuasive piece. Pierce proves with this work that he is a gifted rhetorical writer. He discusses economic, environmental and geopolitical points that are not often included in the fracking debate. However, in the end, he forfeits a great opportunity to strengthen his argument by leaving the controversial aspects of fracking out of the

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