Impact Of Traffic Congestion On Commuters

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Topic: Impact of Traffic Congestion on Commuters; a case study of Accra-Kasoa Road

Literature Review

Road Traffic congestion has always been a major problem all over the world. Both the developed and developing countries are battling with the problem but with different degree of commitment. On the 14 of October 2014, a study from INRIX and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) revealed that the total cumulative cost of congestion in the UK’s economy is estimated to be more than 300 Billion Pounds between 2013 and 2030. This shows how serious the problem of traffic congestion is to any economy. This is because transportation is vital to the growth of any economy and so once this basic function is disrupted, the economy is first to suffer.
The gloomy picture of what traffic congestion is able to siphon in the developed countries is doom-laden in the developing
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The main objectives of this research is to assess the nature of traffic congestion on the Accra – Kasoa road and the impact on commuters who ply this road.
Specifically, the research seeks:
To Critically examine the causes and the nature of traffic congestion along Accra – Kasoa road
To determine the impact of the traffic congestion on the day-today activities commuters
And to probe the behavioural reactions on the part of commuters.

Research Questions
From the above stated objectives, the following questions are derived:
What are the contributing factors of traffic congestion that are associated with Accra – Kasoa road?
How does the situation affect the daily activities of the commuters of the road and their livelihood?
What are the behavioural reactions of commuters to the congestion situation on Accra – Kasoa road?

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