AMH 2097 Paper 2

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The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) have been at the top of the social hierarchy ever since they arrived to America in the 1600s. The first wave of immigration consisted of the Germans, Irish and Chinese. The WASPs created a way to measure the success of each immigrant group. They acknowledged four factors of success that would show them whether an immigrant group was successful or not. The first factor of success was how much money an immigrant had when they came to America. The more money they came to America with, the more successful they were. Another factor of an immigrant’s success was how large the group they came with was. The larger the group, the less respect and …show more content…
The WASPs didn’t trust the Irish with good jobs, so the Irish, for the most part, were stuck driving delivery trucks and unloading shipments. The Irish were Catholic while the WASPs were obviously Protestant, which just added more fuel to the fire.
Another reason why the Irish were deemed unsuccessful was because they resided right near the WASPs and in large groups. The Irish practiced chain migration, which is the idea that an Irish immigrant would work in America, and send the money back to Ireland so the people from Ireland had the money to immigrate to America. Because the Irish immigrants had no money, they could only afford to live in tenements and lean toos in New York City and Boston. Many people died living in these places because of the horrible conditions. The stereotypes that the WASPs gave to the Irish were extremely tasteless. To start, the Irish were known to be “blood drinkers.” They received this name based on the fact that Catholics drink wine and claim they are drinking the blood of Christ. Since Protestants did not do that, it was considered wrong. Another stereotype given to the Irish was that they were baby-killers and cannibals. 80 percent of Irish babies died living in the tenements and lean toos just because of the harsh conditions. The WASPs claimed that the Irish were killing their babies in their homes and eating the flesh. Another stereotype was that they were Black-Irish. Since the Irish had

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