America 's Debt Sentence Is A Necessity For Many People Essay

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America’s Debt Sentence Now more than ever, a college education has become a necessity for many people. A college education provides a myriad of benefits for students including the chance to explore passions and interests, networking, and an opportunity to truly experience life as an adult. The experience gained in college should not be taken for granted because, for many students across the country, the outrageous cost of tuition prohibits them from attending college. Historically, universities have always charged much more than people earning middle or below middle class wages can afford. After careful research I recognize the issue at hand and have come to a solution to fix this epidemic- free college. I propose all public, in-state institutions must provide free tuition for four years to students residing within the state.
The problems within and outside the education system support the need for free education. Once a college graduate has finally found steady employment - the difficult part should be over. Unfortunately, once students graduate, they face the reality of student loans. After a short six months, they are forced to pay back thousands of dollars of debt on a beginner’s salary. Moreover, the United States can base this system off of other countries. Several European countries have already successfully ingrained these educational policies into their cultures. For example Finland, which is highly regarded as the best education system globally funded gratis…

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