America 's College Promise Act Essay

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There are copious benefits due to America’s College Promise Act. Community college’s offer education to every type of student, especially those who are working full time, need remedial courses and have families. Community colleges are often viewed as welcoming to students who have been out of school for a number of years and are attempting to start a new career. A recent economic study showed that community college graduates make ten thousand more a year than students with just a high school diploma (Where Value Meets Value, 2014). The unemployment rate is twenty-five percent lower for those with an associate degree than for those that have only graduated from high school (Goldrick-Rab and Kelly, 2016).
With training programs in nursing, manufacturing, and computer information systems, students can have the option of a better paying career. More importantly, with the baby boomer generation are on their way to retirement, they leave numerous manufacturing jobs vacant. These are the possible career opportunities that are afforded to all community college applicants. The rising cost of textbooks, school supplies, and other expenditures can prohibit students from taking college courses. Student loans do not always cover the full tuition each year. The America’s College Promise Act could possibly give as many as nine million possible students access to higher education if it were offered across the country (Sanctis, 2015). Offering free community college tuition will help…

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