America 's College Promise Act Essay

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America’s College Promise Act would provide Americans with two years of free community college or vocational school which would provide equal opportunities to all, regardless of social class to pursue postsecondary education. It would be specifically advantageous to minority groups and would appeal to a large spectrum of citizens. Current financial aid offered by the government is quickly dwindling due to budget cuts, providing relief to those who don’t really need it, and skimping on the scholarships and grants for the lower and middle class. Concentrating on academia will help to prepare the next generation of workers by providing them with on the job skills. This will boost the economy as the population drives away from blue collared jobs and heads toward more specialized job expertise and annual incomes as well as standards of living continue to increase. It would also allow prospective students to work less or spend money on supporting themselves or their family. The act would not be a waste of tax dollars as it has several requirements and guidelines for students. Moreover, the act would be primarily paid for by the federal government. Two free years of college would mean more opportunities for millions of Americans as they are able to complete college or vocational training in order to better their lives and promote a higher status of living.

It is becoming critical that the government address the ever growing problem of the gap between higher education and the…

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