America 's Classist Education System Essay

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Throughout this annotated bibliography you will see many different articles pulled and being drawn together. All of these articles are covering educational gaps in America. Many discuss how rare a contributing factor but the majority of them discuss how class levels have the heaviest impact on students. Students in lower class areas are experiencing lower quality education and are dropping out more and more. It also discusses how many other well-developed countries are seeing higher scores on test then the United States. Not only this but it talks about how private schools are out performing the public schools.
Keywords: minorities, public schools, education, education gaps,

Annotated Bibliography on Education Gaps in America
Dreier, P. (2014, July 25). America’s Classist Education System. Retrieved September 24, 2014.
In this article the author explains how the schools are based on a class system and higher-class areas have better recourses and more classes offered. Higher-class societies have better equipment, new technology, modern facilities, better books, and better teachers. Not only are the school’s educational facilities better the extracurricular activities are also better. For example sports facilities, training facilities, band, art, all because these lower class schools cant afford what these lower class schools can. Students in lower end districts are actually ending up worse off then the higher end students. Meaning attrition rate, drop out…

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