Amazon 's Customer Service At The World 's Largest Online Retailer

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Amazon is rated to rank Number one in customer service has forced that the evolution of the customer service. In a world like today where there are emails and texts that have token the place of replacing more than an intimate form of all communications, it helps the shoppers to complete a sale that can be with the 24 hours 7 days out the week via online transactions, where there showrooming is linked to a physical shopping experience with a virtual modern definition of the new customer services that has seem to have downgraded the importance of the direct human interactions. And to be told that in the recent year’s customer services in the traditional sense has also been cripple in some years by an economy fostering a trend that was part time and minimum wage, to be less invested with any sales associates.
Amazon as the world’s largest online retailer, it has been a driven power behind the e-commerce movement and changing standards for the customer service excellence. Some of the words that consumers used in their reasons to nominate Amazon for Customers Choice included well-organized, fast, reliable, no hassle, easy, and of course, free shipping with prime. Also to help the customer they Consider too the e-commerce services that online shoppers are a growing group value. While the majority indicates that toll free live customer service is very important for the service this figure has declined nearly 10% from 2007. With customers increasingly gravitating to such services as…

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