The Empire Of Amazon

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Over the past five years, Amazon has built up quite the empire. They provide their shoppers with a variety of products, which leads to a one-stop shop. Furthermore, this aspect is very convenient; it enables more purchases as well as attracting new consumers. Amazon’s overall objective is, “Personalized Bargains for Expedient Shopping; “and what better way to expand the empire then to introduce the world to Amazon through social media. Not only is social media convenient but it is also becoming the mainstream one stop shop. We are focused on low prices with a wide variety of products that will be available to every demographic through social media. Target Market

The target market demographic for Amazon:
1) Bargain shoppers, generally speaking
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While some products may be at reasonable prices, you will still see some that have higher than normal prices, which will inspire competitive shopping. For those customers that don’t want to visit several different websites, they are able to partake in the biddings on Amazon. These customers normally have unlimited time but less money, because they want to find the best price available. Also, these customers are educated, because you must know how to navigate through the website. Why must these clients be from18-65 years of age? First off, a person normally acquires a credit card around the age of 18, therefore they will be able to purchase from Amazon. As one grows older, they have more time on their hands, but lack physical strength to move around, so it’s easier for them to shop online.

Just like many online stores, Amazon uses market segmentation. When signing up as a new customer at Amazon, you aren’t asked many personal details, instead when you purchase a product Amazon’s engine collects the purchase history. So, when you return to the site, there will be recommendations for future buys. Amazon will also display products that other customers have purchased that purchased that same thing, which will lead to another purchase. Additionally, Amazon takes hints and clues from your actual purchases to refer new products to you that others in your demographic have
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Everyone is out for a good bargain, even if that means saving only one dollar. The tags reasonable pricing, cheap, affordable, and sale, will reach out to a large audience that will be willing to visit our page for products they might potentially need, and at the same time increase traffic to Amazon. A cheap price for a good product is a new way of life. This carries on to convenient shopping, which enables customer to shop for makeup, tools, and video games without moving from their sofa. A few of the categories, such as electronics, books, makeup and games, will intrigue a wide range of customers. Amazon has over 30 different departments to shop from and over a million products. There is everything for everyone at Amazon, literally. Amazon is the ultimate shopping place. As far as results, the low price area should be able to bring in about 185million clicks per month, which will cost a rough $370,000. Convenient will do 100million clicks per month, costing about $270,000. Lastly, the different products will bring in the most clicks averaging 200million clicks each month, and costing $540,000. Amazon being as big as it is, they have the ability and money to spend on ads. So, as I just mentioned, keywords are important to help a company keep growing. These words attract traffic, which leads to more recognition for

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