SDLC Case Study: Amazon

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(sales are subsidized by their cloud hosting solutions. The more diversified the product mix, the more stable the company is to external factors.
Amazon is continuously performing the systems development life cycle. The company develops new information systems because of the rapid changes in technology. They are working on incorporation drone delivery with their upcoming Amazon Prime Air delivery and spending millions on the project. The hurdle they are trying to overcome is how the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will regulate the airspace. Being in software and e-commerce industry the competition is fierce, there is no time to sit back and relax. Therefore, utilizing the SDLC process is a step-by-step approach to bring ideas, processes and products through implementation.
The SDLC process
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The BCP is a systematic guideline defining how an organization will recover from a disaster or business emergency (Cummings & Haag, 2013). Amazon has to consider internet threats such as viruses or malware, and winter weather patterns for the merchandise delivery. Amazon relies on the global business world for merchandise, therefore the disasters and threats should be considered on a global scale. However, an organization cannot build a BCP around every potential disaster or disturbance around the world. Instead, they determine the most important components of their business when planning their BCP.
Organizational Strategic Plan.
The first step in a BCP is creating the organizational strategic plan. Amazon would not benefit by prioritizing disaster recovery for their marketing department over their order processing and fulfillment. They need to think about the long-term, not just about protecting current operations (Nicoll & Owens, 2013). For that reason, the initial process is creating the strategic plan and outlining the long-term vision for the organization.
BCP Analysis

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