Altruism, Professional Presence, And Honest And Integrity

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I think I’ve most developed in Altruism, Professional Presence, and Honest and Integrity. Growing up I was always the oldest, so I felt that it was my responsibility to take care of my younger sister and her friends. Over summer vacation my freshman year of college, I received a call from a friend of my sister. She and her boyfriend were at a party and their designated driver had gotten too drunk. Instead of lecturing them on underage drinking I got out of bed, put on some clothes, and went to pick them up. I could have easily told her that I was sleeping or that she needed to call her parents, but I’ve always made it known that anytime anyone was in need; if I was able I would help. Because of the way I’ve carried myself they have always …show more content…
Before I came to school, I was taking dialectical behavior therapy class so that I could begin to develop skills to help with the anxiety that came with socializing. I’ve been joining many different organizations within the college of pharmacy and attending at least 1 event every weekend. Going forward I play to continue to attend at least 2 organizational events every month to make sure I put myself in social environments. I’ve been joining different study groups to force myself in engaging in conversation, and by the end of next month I want to try to find another DBT class. The class will help me continue to develop good communication skills, so that my social interrelations are less awkward. I know I will have a lot of trouble on working on Respect for Others, because I’m not being disrespectful to those around me, and I’m treating them as I would want to be treated. I can’t say that I will work on being less blunt, because I was how I was raise and I honestly feel that other people should learn to be more direct in their communication. At the same time I cannot change the way other people process the way that I say things. Hopefully the DBT class can teach me ways of communication that allow me to stay true to myself while appearing less offensive. In class I can also learn to identify the appropriate setting in which to address a

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