Aloha Essay

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Hawaii is nicknamed the “Aloha State”, because Hawaiian people are known for being welcoming and hospitable. “Aloha” means “hello” in Hawaiian. All different kinds of people travel from various parts of the country and the world to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Tourists travel here in order to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and experience the diverse culture and beautiful nature. Hawaii is a unique state that has an enormous amount of diversity from its culture and people to its history and its path to becoming part of the United States. This state’s history and culture is very diverse and it would be interesting to inquire about how mental illness is perceived and treated culturally in comparison to medically by Hawaiians.
The state of Hawaii is made up of an estimated 132 islands, eight of which are know as major islands for size, development, and economy. The eight major islands that make up the state of Hawaii are Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. The islands are located on a geothermal hot spot. This is where the earth’s crust is thin, so shield volcanoes easily develop
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It is believed that Polynesians inhabited the Hawaiian Islands for hundreds of years before western settlers and Captain James Cook arrived. Hawaiians transitioned through periods of monarchy kingdoms, developed as a port of industry for traders and whalers, and eventually western influence made Hawaii a territory and then a state. Hawaii became the 50th state United States of America in 1959. As the islands industrialized and developed, sugar and pineapple plantations fueled the economy leading to an influx of immigrants. Hawaii is located far from any other large landmasses, which makes it difficult for some trade and culture exchange, so immigration and tourism are responsible for this states’

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