Essay On Borderline Personality Disorder

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Kristianna Mason
Borderline Personality Disorder
Greenville Technical College Mental illnesses are commonly referred to a wide range of mental health conditions. These are disorders that affect many things in a person’s life which includes their mood, behavior and cognition. From time to time, there are many people that develop these mental health illnesses and they become concerning when there are symptoms and ongoing signs that cause recurring stresses and the inability to function properly, alone. These illnesses include schizophrenia, personality disorders, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and many, many more (Pruthi & Li, 2015). Borderline personality disorder is in fact a mental illness that is known to be extremely serious.
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The parents wanted their daughter to be more “normal” and not be how she expressed herself. Peers and other influential people in Susanna’s life saw that she did not have a plan or a grasp on life at eighteen years old. When she told people she wants to write novels and not go to college, they laughed in her face and told her she needs to figure things out, soon. But what they did not know is that Susanna did not know what she wanted. Being admitted to Claymoore, it made more sense to Susanna as to why she did not know what she wanted. Borderline personality disorder conflicts with the individual and their aspirations on …show more content…
In many clinical circles, this is the treatment of choice. Individuals who go through this treatment show an increase of being able to tolerate stress, develop appropriate social skills and develop an identity that is more stable (Comer, 2014). This treatment is also known to focus on the concept of being aware and attentive to current situations and for seeking a balance between changing and accepting behaviors and beliefs (Borderline Personality Disorder, 2010).
Throughout the film, Susanna went through many psychodynamic treatments. In the beginning, she was not so sure of the idea, so she just said things that she thought the therapists wanted to hear. Later on, she decided that talking and being honest with her therapists would help her with her with improving her condition. She wanted to “cure” her borderline personality disorder and she did just that in eighteen months. After showing signs of her condition being under control, the hospital released Susanna on one condition, she had to come back weekly to receive therapy from the institution to keep herself in

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