Wat Opot Essay

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As a great person under the religious beliefs that you set your mind to, you will treat and respect others thru the power of a God. Wayne believes that God will provide the tools needed to keep Wat Opot running. Kids in Wat Opot are dying every day and the Beliefs that Wayne has impacts them because he knows that God will be with each of them. Things that we value become our destiny and from that point, Both Gail, Wayne accepts the challenge of keeping these children alive and healthy. Fact proven that Wayne knows God will be with the children because he turned down a five-thousand dollar offer from a foreign donor because of consequences it might have. (Gutradt 136)
Together with, Gutradt says “Wayne told many stories, the primary one being that he decided early on to dedicate his life to God and service, and never wanted to disappoint a wife or family or neglect those he had promised God to serve. If Wayne’s circle of
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Also pay heed to the heart, Wayne offering comfort and consolation for the poor, school for desperate minds. He tries to hold a future for these children like there was never before. There’s a crematorium on the grounds of Wat Opot, and a temple nearby. When children at Wat Opot come together to pay respects to the deceased, Buddha’s name is put to the side of Christian hymns. (Gutradt176) Although, a few of the children used to go to Christian services, known as church and Wayne his self was a Christian when he first came to Cambodia, he never saw it as his place to change people, it was only to love them and care for their needs. And over the years, he stop calling himself a Christian, but was introduced to a universal life force. Wayne still prayed even though he moved away from the Christian like region and it was because it was to show the children that Wat Opot welcomes all faiths and all people of good will and

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