Difference Between Colonial Colonization And Colonialism

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Colonization and settler colonialism are both the violence ways to set colonies. They are both with blood and the reason are both including wealth. In the other hand, they are both the motivation of the colonies, both of them motive the economic, regime to be modern. The difference is that colonization is just to establish a colony, but keep the native people, culture and beliefs. But settler colonialism is that the colonist negates the indigenous people of that place. In my view, settler colonialism is more completely, it uses destroy to replace. Like Hawaii, we can’t see Hawaiian any more, and Hawaii has a completely difference than before.

As Dr. Joanne L. Rondilla said in lesson 3, settler colonialism is defined as when settlers of a particular
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As the reading “Settlers of Color and ‘Immigrant’ Hegemony: ‘Locals’ in Hawai`i”, the indigenous Hawaiian people thought they were Native to the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian had established kingdoms and they had their special culture, and at that time, they were indigenous. After nearly 2000 years, Hawaii was colonized by Euro-American. In 1893, American invaded Hawaii and forced an all-white planter oligarchy. By this way, in 1898, Hawaii was a part of The United States. Ultimately, they were stripped of their land, resources, culture, and beliefs. And in 1959, Hawaii became one of the state in The United States. Hawaiian lost the land and their monarchy. In the reading, it says: “The story of our colonization becomes a twice-told tale, first of discovery and settlement by European and American businessmen and missionaries, then of the plantation Japanese, Chinese, and eventually Filipino rise to dominance in the islands.” It shows that American doesn’t think they …show more content…
Since 15th century, the early European explorers began their exploration. They took the route across the Atlantic Ocean and when they discovered America, they started the colonization of America. And the colonization is full with blood. They killed the indigenous people who called “American Indian” and established colonies. In the 15th century, Spain almost colonized all of American land. English began the colonization of America in 1584, and their first step was Roanoke Island. Finally, in 1600s, the famous first 13 Colonies in America were established and they were: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Though the colonization took a long time and along with the Indians were almost exterminated, it is the basic of The United States today, which is a such superpower in the world. As Chinese, I know another colonization is that English colonize Hong Kong for over 100 years since 1841. Britain had the Hong Kong Island as a port they could go south to do business with the Netherlands and Spanish colonies in Southeast Asia, and could trade in Guangzhou. Hong Kong economic development simultaneously with Western capitalist society, and it promote the economic development of Hong Kong, Hong Kong was earlier to access to the world with

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