Analysis Of Haunani Kay Trask's 'Lovely Hula Hands'

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Hawaii…The state of aloha which symbolizes peace and harmony in Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, hula dancers, luau festivals, surfing, and snorkeling as it is famous for a vacation spot globally. However, one Hawaiian woman thinks that corporate tourism demolishes her homeland, Hawaii, culturally, economically, and politically. In Haunani Kay Trask’s article, “Lovely Hula Hands” (published in from A Native Daughter by the University of Hawaii Press, 1998), the author employs ethos, logos, and pathos to express her views about corporate tourism is degrading Hawaiian culture and dehumanizing the Hawaiian people’s way of living.
In Trask’s article, the author gives a different understanding about her homeland, Hawaii, to an
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The author authorizes her deliverance of speech to strengthen her argument about how corporate tourism rapes Hawaii. She appeals to her ethos through Hawaiian myth, language, culture, and history when she states an example of how “Hawaiian language has come a flowering of Hawaiian dance” (np) to show her full knowledge and deep understanding of Hawaii. She demonstrates her Hawaiian knowledge through Hawaiian language because she wants to convince to readers that she knows beyond. She educates the readers about Hawaii in order to express her views of the corrupting Hawaiian culture and how it is downplayed by corporal businesses in tourism. In addition, her uses of ethos is shown throughout the article because her words of choice unveil her highly intelligence by saying big vocabularies like “repudiation” (np), “disparaged” (np), and other big terms. She gives a clever perception about her argument to confirm her credentials in the subject. Perhaps, she knows more about Hawaii than a native Hawaiian; and this somewhat persuades readers to commiserate her different views of

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