Appropriating Native Americans Imagery Honora No One But Immigrants Analysis

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Not many years could I not relate to Author Stretten Amy who wrote “Appropriating Native Americans Imagery Honora No One But Immigrants” that at one point of my life I was also called a Native American just because I was light skin and after reading this article she seemed to be in her feelings to much and basically stated that the way her school was honoring Native Americans was rude and offensive in her view.She begins building her credibility by starting with personal facts, reputable sources and a little bit of logical information, citing convincing information, and emotional appeal; however toward the second paragraph to the end of the article her attempts to appeal the reader 's’ emotions and personal view lowers her credibility and ultimately, her argument. In her article she first set the stage by describing how old she was when this event took place and how a she felt unsafe after being insulted by cheerleaders and football players for not having school spirit the fact that she was Native American. She then continues on with how she feels offended by the school mascot because the way that the school mascot is presented.That if she made it know they would make it stop,but that

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