Indian Mascot-You Re Out Analysis

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Indian Mascots- You’re Out!

The article “Indian Mascots- You’re Out” written by Jack Shakley in August 2011 and published by the LA Times. Shakley argues that Indians mascots are making fools out of the race and that mascots with Indian names should be banned. The author feels like his race is being humiliated. In the article “Indian Mascots- You’re Out” the author Jack Shakley talks about his times growing during Indian stereotypes. The author wants to prove whether or not Native Americans are being disrespect through the use of Indian mascots for sports. Shakley starts the article off with a childhood memory of his back in the 1950’s. His father took him to see a Cleveland Indians –New york Yankees game. Shakley remembers being at the
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She had been fighting against stereotypes all her life and her son comes home with one on his head. In the following section Shakley begins by talking about the legislators of north Dakota and whether the University of North Dakota should be forced to change its team name and mascot. Shakley brings up how some teams have had their names so long that they would lose meaning if the name where to be changed. For example The University of Illinois having its mascot abandoned and now few people make the connection to the real meaning. The author concludes the article by saying how in 2002 a study was done and 84 percent of native American’s had no problem with Indian team names or mascots. Shakley states that he went to a Braves game in the 70’s and the Braves name wasn’t the problem, it was the Indian that would come out dancing every time a player would hit a homerun. Shakley states that getting rid of stereotypes from colleges isn’t easy or inexpensive but it’s the right thing to do he says. “He also states Sports illustrated did a survey and 84 percent of Native Americans polled they had no problem with Indian names or mascots, Shakley”. This article raises the issue whether or not to change mascots from sports …show more content…
Fans that have been supporting a team name for years would feel different about the change and not support the team’s new name. If a team has had its name for years there is no reason it should be changed. An example of a professional team with controversy of its name today would be the Washington Redskins. People of the Indian American race are arguing that the name Redskins is racist and dishonoring, but from a fans standpoint the team name is honoring the Redskins “The point was that the Redskins owner at the time obviously believed that Lone Star Dietz was a Native American and named the team to honor Native Americans and be motivated by their heritage, Waldron.” Sports teams with a long time history mean more to fans and changing names would take away from that. I think that those that think its racist should listen to what other fans have to say about the team and why an individual supports

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