Native American Mascots Research Paper

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Native American Mascots in Sports
The creation of Native American mascots was not to offend anybody, but if it offends the Native American race. Using the word “redskin” can cause hurt in a person and also offend them. Some see the mascots as an honor to the Native Americans for having a Native American mascot not knowing that in the world today, mascots are seen as jokes. Kids dressed up with war paint on their face and headgear is meant to be taken as a joke and make people laugh. This can be humiliating for the Native American race and could be the reason why some might not show up to a sports game. If a team was to be called the “blackskins,” black people would most likely take offense to that. A race never wants to be made fun of in any
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Throughout time they have fought for their religious freedoms from repeated acts of governmental suppression. They have fought for the prohibitions on the use of sacred objects and the possession of those objects. Other ongoing battles that the Natives have are the elimination of offensive use of mascots in sports that reflect the outdated stereotypes and perpetuate racism against Natives. This article could back up my position because it states the battles the Natives go through. It states all the things that the Natives had to fight …show more content…
Erwin high’s mascot is the Warrior and the Squaw. There is to be further investigation by the U.S Department of Justice in whether or not the school is violating the civil rights. Some believe the Mascots are a tribute to the Natives and do not degrade them. Other Native American activists believe that using Native mascots is not a celebration of their history. This article could provide evident information in my research because it gives me a point of view from Native American activist and the degrading effect mascots have Natives. Using the mascots, they say, perpetuates stereotypes of Native Americans (“Fighting Words: The School Mascot Debate”).
Major sports team with Native American mascots include: Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks, Cleveland Indians, and the Kansas City Chiefs (“Ending the Era of Harmful "Indian" Mascots”). In sports, mascots provide a symbol that can be a focal point for a fan community. Based on research from Mike Lewis, he has come to the conclusion that Native Americans make up 12,117,107 mascots in America and across the world (Sports Analytics Research from Mike Lewis). The NCAI launched a campaign in 1968 to address the stereotypes of Native people in sports (“Ending the Era of Harmful "Indian"

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