Almari Company Essay

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Almarai Company (Almarai)

Initiation of Coverage

Research Division Company Reports

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AGM - Head of Research


Abdullah Alawi
+966 2 6618275
Senior Analyst

Syed Taimure Akhtar
+966 2 6618271

Saleh Al-Quati
+966 2 6618253

General Manager - Brokerage Division


Ala’a Al-Yousef
+966 1 2256000 AGM-Head of international and institutional brokerage

Luay Jawad Al-Motawa
+966 1 2256277
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Arable & horticulture). It is worth mentioning that the company also has strong brand equity across the region. Product offering & key operational focus –The company’s key operational focus since inception remained on dairy related business. However, the consistent concentric expansions, especially in past 5-6 years, stretched the company’s product lines; where the products could be classified in 8 main segments (i) fresh dairy, (ii) long life dairy, (iii) cheese & butter, (iv) fruit juices, (v) bakery, (vi) poultry, (vii) arable & horticulture and (viii) others like tomato pastes & jams and so on. It should be noted that the dairy business is still dominating the company’s overall sales revenue (contribution from dairy business was recorded at 50.7% of the total sales revenues in 1H2012). Consistent innovations, operational revamps & acquisitions –The company remained intact with changing environment that lead the company to introduce newly modified products to the local and regional markets to. The company in 2011 stretched flavored fresh milk product line with the addition new flavor milk i.e. mango; while the yoghurt line was expanded with the induction of flavored yoghurt. Moreover, on non-milk dairy segment, the company took several strategic steps including operational revamp of acquired entities i.e. HADCO , raise equity investment in JV i.e. IDJ nurtured non-milk dairy segment through number of acquisitions of and equity

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