Allyson Milvo: Individual Or Conformist?

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Every person born has a chance to either be a conformist or non-conformist. The world tells us that if you are born into a poor single family household or raised around drugs and violence, then you to are likely to follow those same patterns and behaviors. What the world doesn’t tell us though, is that sometimes these statistics can turn out quite differently.
Allyson Milvo was born in OKC, OK on 20 September 1979. Her parents were unmarried at the time and she came into this world with one older brother. Her birth father decided to leave and never look back but her mother would marry a few years later and he would adopt both children and vowed to raise them as his own. Unfortunately, this marriage would end shortly after it began and her
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She was the youngest of three children and her parents had been married for over twenty years. Her two oldest sisters were nearly grown with one foot out the door so in a sense she was raised as an only child. She grew up in a middle class country setting. Both of her parents worked but still found time to enjoy life. They would always go camping at least once a year as well take a family vacations, allowing them to see different parts of the United States. She stayed with an elderly couple before and after school and during summer breaks. She always enjoyed school and initially did well. You could say she was a conformist until around the age of 12. The elderly couple she stayed with passed away within a year of each other, this is when her life would take its first turn for the worse. The next year her mother was diagnosed with cancer and her father lost control. She became very angry and started acting out. She started doing poorly in school and started experimenting with drugs and alcohol as well as had a few run INS with the law for delinquency and being out past local curfew. She was also suspended from school for smoking on the premises numerous times. At this time she was a non-conformist or rebel per say. Once her mother was in recovering and starting to gain her strength and life back, things went back to “normal” for a couple of years. She graduated high school and a got a job while also attending a local community college. It seemed like her life was turning back around for the positive while being a conformist. This was very short lived however. She became pregnant at the age of nineteen. The first year she tried to keep life as is, continuing to further her education while working and supporting herself and her son. Like with Allyson, once the child was born, the fathers disappeared. Ashley was unable to handle the pressures and turned to drugs to try to cope. Eventually the drugs took over

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