Narrative Essay On Waiting To Exhale

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Waiting to Exhale She always was that one big sister that stood by her mother. Whether it was helping her pay the bills once her father left, or taking care of her little brother when her mother had to work late nights, this girl never had the time to actually be a teenager. If she ever wanted to go to a football game or go see a movie, she would have to bring her brother along, making it impossible to ever get away. While doing her homework, her mother would make her stop what she was doing and help her brother with priorities first. She knew she loved her brother and would do anything for him, but she wondered when she was going to stop being responsible for the pair of house keys and let someone else to hold the keyring. She understood …show more content…
I haven’t found the confidence to stand up to my mother, making me still obedient to her parenting rules. I’m afraid to talk to her about wanting to go to a party or a late night bonfire every once in awhile, so I just keep it to myself and ask God to lessen my mother’s complications and demands on me. I can picture the loud eruption of bickering and sarcastic side comments of what she would say if I did tell her about wanting to have some fun. Even if I would express my feelings to her, I know things wouldn’t change, and I would still have to live the boring life I have …show more content…
I don’t entirely blame my mother for my little excitement; the blame goes to my deadbeat father. Though I didn’t always think of my dad as a deadbeat, I now see him as being the problem. He has caused my mother to take most of their marriage problems out on me. I know many say parents should not involve their children in their marriage situations, but I understand why my mom did. She doesn’t have anyone else to lean on except for me. As for my father’s lack of communication, I don’t consider him to be a good husband, but one who’s selfish and inconsiderate. My father has become meaningless to me. He refused to claim me as his child in front of the separation attorneys, causing more difficulty for my mom to get child support for me. This does make me realize that my mother needs my help and that she’s not purposely taking my fun away, but it’s to help what’s left of my family through these hard times. I just hope my brother will be able to experience his teenage years without the influence of troubles from my parents.
As for myself, the best way to distance myself from my mother is to go to a college far away from home after high school. It would allow me to be on my own; no family calling me to help out on bills and no more unnecessary interruptions made by my little brother. I would be free; free

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