Waiting To Exhale Analysis

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Waiting to Exhale She always was that one big sister that stood by her mother. Whether it was helping her pay the bills once her father left, or taking care of her little brother when her mother had to work late nights, this girl never had the time to actually be a teenager. If she ever wanted to go to a football game or go see a movie, she would have to bring her brother along, making it impossible to ever get away. While doing her homework, her mother would make her stop what she was doing and help her brother with priorities first. She knew she loved her brother and would do anything for him, but she wondered when she was going to stop being responsible for the pair of house keys and let someone else to hold the keyring. She understood …show more content…
I have learned from my mother that it is important to become an independent woman who is able to trust in God. God’s help can guide me to get my education so I’m able to get a good job, learn how to budget money, and not have to depend on a man for love, security, and financial stability. My mother has taught me what self worthiness is, and not to be afraid of my own values, but to show them by gratitude and respect. I resolved not to hate my father, but to pray for his errors and weaknesses. His thoughtless behavior has allowed me to honor the sacrifices my mother has made for my brother and I. She has spent her time and efforts to work two jobs to provide tutoring services for my brother and I to have the best education and to have a nice home in a nice neighborhood, so our living arrangements don’t change due to my parent’s separation. Sometimes I feel selfish, that I take things for granted, but as a teenager waiting to exhale my thoughts, I believe it’s alright. I’m ready to speak my mind. I’m ready to take a stand in showing the world what life has to offer. I’m ready to expose my voice, and I feel the best place to do that is in college, were people able to express themselves

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