Essay Against Gun Control Laws

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Americans have had the right to own firearms since 1791, when the forefathers ratified this amendment. It allowed the ability to protect our country and oneself. But the rise in current events with the intensity of crimes, have many Americans reconsidering gun laws and claim that it should be abolished. Liberals are tired of the impulse behavior of those who have firearms pointing out that the crime rates have escalated. Conservatives however don’t believe that their rights should be altered because individuals who abuse the system don’t want to be careful with their firearms. As a nationwide community, the school shootings such as Sandy Hook and the Virginia Tech massacre showed us what can happen when just anyone has the ability to get ahold of guns. Liberals want gun rights to be taken away, while most conservatives …show more content…
They claim that even if guns weren’t around, people will still find other ways to cause harm to another individual. It doesn’t change the fact that a life can still be taken through the use of another type of weapon or due to the carelessness of one person. There are still other high crime scenarios that are killing people. One may state, if citizens think that getting rid of guns will change the world for the better then those are the same individuals that are in fact brainwashing the public. “The anti-gun forces also tell women that it’s dangerous to carry a gun and try to use it against an attack, because, they say, the attacker is likely to seize the gun and turn it against the woman” (Harris 2). This was proven false, in the government’s own Bureau of Justice Statistics in which it was shown that criminals were almost never able to turn a gun against their owners. Whether it was either male or female, it happened in less than 1 percent of cases. Guns aide in the usage of protection in cases of being attacked or injured then others who don’t resist at

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