Advertising Subtopic Review (Summary Overview) Essay

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Advertising Subtopic Review (Summary Overview)
The major goal of the alcohol beverage industry is to sell alcohol, through advertising. In 2008 the alcohol beverage spent $1.63 billion on their advertisement budget which is less than half of what one thinks’ of as advertising which the means are TV, magazines, newspapers, and outdoor billboards. Other forms of advertisements are termed “promotions” which include but not limited to: sponsorship of cultural, musical and sporting events, internet advertising, displays for retail stores, and product placements in movies and TV shows. The total promotion and advertising budget is over $4.9 billion which is virtually equivalent to what is spent on advertising other beverages from milk to
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One alcohol beverage company has created a special corporate position devoted to using Twitter and other social media to promote and another has decided to devote its entire advertising budget for one of its brands to digital sources. A report in 2003 reported that underage drinking represents 19.2% of alcohol consumption out of the total 50.52 billion drinks then consumed annually. One area of concern in the substance abuse field is the constant creation of beverages that appeal to younger people.
Women, minority and developing countries are also a target for the alcohol beverage. The advertisements that include women are seen to be sexist and they portray men in the stereotypes of male behavior that contribute to sexual harassment. The alcohol beverage industry is also trying to maintain profits by increasing foreign sales even brewing companies are starting to brew overseas which raises an ethical question.
It may seem to be a sort of a counterbalance of the alcohol industry’s efforts to have its product appear on television by promoting responsible drinking, but a young person would have to watch 22 ads for an alcoholic beverage before seeing a commercial promoting responsible drinking. (Jean Kinney 18-25)
What inspired you to choose this topic? I was inspired to choose the topic of alcohol advertising because it is everywhere. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see some type of alcohol advertisement from a billboard, a grocery

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