Advertising Strategy Of Adidas: A Comparative Study Advertising Strategy Of Adidas

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The core advertising factors of Adidas are as follows. Besides that a huge amount of data about Adidas advertising related activities. As a multinational company Adidas have separate advertising strategy in different area of the world.

3.1.1 Media Vehicles:
The media vehicles that were used for television will be ABC basketball games, TNT basketball games, ESPN basketball games and ESPN 2 basketball games and ESPN’s Sports Center. The media vehicles that were going to be used for magazines were Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. The media vehicles that are use for Internet were ESPN website (, NBA website (, Adidas website (, Sports Illustrated website (

3.1.2 Advertising unit:
When it came to the advertising unit for television Adidas only runs: 30 seconds ads since most of these ads are played during NBA games. The ads in magazines are full page. When it came to the Internet ads are a top banner. For example, on page five you will see the ad which it a top banner.

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Any place an "identified" sponsor pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising. One way to measure advertising effectiveness is known as Ad Tracking. This advertising research methodology measures shifts in target market perceptions about the brand and product or service. These shifts in perception are plotted against the consumers’ levels of exposure to the company’s advertisements and promotions. The purpose of Ad Tracking is generally to provide a measure of the combined effect of the media weight or spending level, the effectiveness of the media buy or targeting, and the quality of the advertising executions or creative. Adidas use several advertising media to promote their

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