Under Armour Swot Analysis Paper

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their respective industries. Review your SWOT analysis, Under Armour has produced a niche created when wicking product line. This exact science and key innovations, enterprises have to enhance Under Armour clothing company to new heights, and tried to show the advantages of the other brands and products are usually all the love in the truth that comes. The wicking performance product line is the main force, the campaign will focus on (Under Armour 2014). Because of Under Armour company was founded in 1996, the company has quickly make himself a major player in the sports industry for clothing and textile major competitors Nike and Adidas.

Under Armour is the company's financial statements and improve the bottom line only, $ 984 million of revenue as the company looks to expand before only increased in all waters. In UA's
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Promoting innovation remains the key concept of all messaging but it is clear that Under Armour wants to grow and it has been successful (see Appendix 3). The company has set high standards in the industry but they remain a distant second to Nike, their key competitor and the company they aspire to be. Nike is a larger, more established and recognized worldwide sports apparel brand, focusing on performance with the "global annual sales of about $ 25 compared to one billion, Under Armour company's 2012 sales of $ 1.8 million ( (Mihoces 2013). “Positioning is about visibility and recognition of what an organization brings to a buyer, but unlike Under Armour, Nike has is well positioned in different segments, both in regards to global position and target audience (Li 2013). To add insult, Nike was named "2013's most innovative companies," which, based on innovative companies like Under Armour company, which is not a list of innovations is a problem named by Fast Company. Nike is a huge competitor is future-oriented, but Under Armour, and like it on behalf of the city of Baltimore, like the role of the

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